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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can an exit popup be blocked?
A. An exit popup can be blocked by the popup blockers. Same comment for a popunder (or under popup). The only type of popup that is usually not blocked is the link popup.
Q. Will your software also create the form that will appear on the pop window so my customers can subscribe to my newsletter? Or will I need to create the HTML code for the form and then somewhere within your pop-up coding?
Not sure how that would work...
A. Popup Creator only creates the code that triggers the popup, not the popup
content. It's like a very specialised hyperlink maker. It only makes the link
code, not the content of the web page to where it links. The web page to where
the popup code links to is called a popup.

A popup is a web page, and it can contain what ever you want. People usually
use a popup to make an offer or show a subscription form, but others use it
for other purposes (images, explanation pages, etc.)

Popup Creator does not create web forms. It only creates the code that opens
the popup window. The popup code goes on the trigger page, not the popup
window it self.

You will have to create your web pages, including the html form for your
subscription form.

I repeat, Popup Creator is simply a sophiticated web page link maker -- it
controls the window properties of the page that it links to, thats all. But it
does it very well. See http://www.1stoppopup.com/popexpla01.htm for more info.


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