Mortgage Reports Suite
How to generate qualified buyer and seller leads with NO COLD CALLING!


Informational products - More traffic for your web site

How to inexpensively and automatically generate buyer and seller leads without any COLD CALLING!

For a real estate agent, there is no more valuable information then house buyer and house seller leads.

Yet, many real estate agents don't use their website to collect the names, email addresses and phone numbers of their website visitors! The 1 stop Mortgage Reports Suite addresses this problem head on!

House buyers and house sellers are constantly looking for information, good information on everything that's related to the purchase or the selling of a house, and most importantly, for information about mortgages.

A real estate agent's website has to be built so it's website visitors leave their names, addresses and phone numbers. And one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to create excitement, anticipation, and enthusiasm for more information... information for the house buyer, house seller information, focused information. The visitor has to WANT the information, he has to want it so much that he feels that exchanging his personal information (his name, email address and phone number) is a reasonable price to pay for the information that he will get.

This is what the Mortgage Reports Suite is all about.

It's an inexpensive and automatic system that:

  • Gets the real estate agent website visitor's attention
  • Draws the visitor to read more
  • Creates the need for more information
  • Gets the visitor's name, email address and phone number

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What people want, is what we should give them! Informational products (or information goods), may they be for web page designers, webmasters or real estate agents, are niche products! And the Mortgage Reports Suite is no exception. Basically, if we can find out what our website visitors need, all that's left to do is to give it to them!


How the Mortgage Reports Suite was created

Right after New Year 2004, I was having a friendly discussion with one of my friends, a real estate agent. Not only did he wanted website visitors, he also wanted their names, email addresses and phone numbers! In other words, he wanted leads!

After a few moments we came to the conclusion that since his website visitors are mainly homebuyers and home sellers, we should offer them some sort of real estate reports, information for the homebuyer, or home seller information, something that would interest these real estate agent website visitors. After a while, we decided that mortgage information was probably the most sought after. With his help (and other consultants), I created the Mortgage Reports Suite, a group of six highly focused mortgage reports that his website visitors are now dying to get their hand on!

And it works! If it's good for one real estate agent, it's probably good for many! So I organized the whole mortgage reports into a system that enables a real estate agent to collect names, email addresses and phone numbers from his website. In exchange for informational products, up to 6 mortgage reports, the real estate website visitor leaves his lead information! The website visitor is happy, and the real estate agent gets a possible lead! A win win situation.

The Mortgage Reports Suite is invaluable... indispensable... Get it now!

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The Mortgage Reports Suite:
How to inexpensively and automatically generate qualified buyer and seller leads with NO COLD CALLING!

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