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How To Operate A Successful Garage Sale
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Garage Sale e-Book - How to operate a successful garage sale"Garage Sale e-Book Reveals Hidden Secret That Forces People
to Stop, Buy and...
Give You More Money!"


A Garage Sale (or yard sale) is a great way to get rid of all your unwanted stuff
... and end up with cash in your pocket!



If you are interested in planning, organizing, and maximizing your belongings with a successful garage sale, then this is the e-book you need!

Did you know that last weekend thousands of people held their very first garage sale? Some were very successful and some were complete flops. What was different between the winners and the losers? To find the answer I went to dozens of garage and yard sales.

After looking, listening and learning from all of them – the successful ones and those that were not so great at operating a money making garage sale, I discovered a hidden secret that sill amazes me today.

If you have bits and pieces like all of us do, if you can place price tags on your things, and setup signs, then you are 90% on your way to a successful garage sale. The other 10% is in...

The Hidden Secret That Forces People to Buy at a Garage Sale!

A few years ago, around Memorial Day (a week after to be exact), I was having a garage sale with a couple of neighbors (by the way, the weekend after Memorial Day is probably the best weekend to hold a garage sale).

That Saturday our garage sale was absolutely amazing. A lot of people were buzzing around our tables buying nearly everything in sight. We had never lived such a buying rush at a garage sale (and we all have more garage sale experience than I wish we have). 

Anyway, all of a sudden, without knowing exactly what we did differently, the sales went into slow motion, to tell the truth, they pratically dropped dead!

People were no more grabbing everything in sight, in fact they were no longer lingering around our tables. Onlookers were barely glancing at our hot sellers and kept on walking on the sidewalk.

Whatever we did killed what was looking like the best garage sale we’ve had in years.

After trying different solutions to solve our problem, we suddenly realized what we did differently. We went back to what we were doing before and within seconds, really in less than a minute; people were all over our tables buying everything as if we were selling gold for pennies.



The "Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale" e-book

Dominique Peladeau

From the desk of Dominique Peladeau

Dear Customer,

Your chances of turning your garage sale into a money machine just got better than ever...

And it's not hard to achieve!

Garage Sale SignLike millions of people all over North America you can enjoy the freedom of having a garage sale. You can easily be a part of this American phenomenon by setting up your garage or your lawn as a temporary place of business and make hundreds if not thousands of dollars in just one day or over a weekend.

If you follow the tips and tricks that are outlined in this e-book, if you use the hidden “secret” revealed in “Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale” e-book, not only your garage sale will be less work and less hassle than you think, it will also have the potential to be a spectacular money maker.

In a minute we'll talk about that a little more. But first, read these:

See What These Garage Sale Entrepreneurs Say About the “Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale” e-book

"One of the most important things that I did was place all my big items near the street, it brought the customers in. Thank you!"

R. Silverman, VT
"I followed your advice and didn't expect to sell things at antique prices, after all it's a garage sale. But I didn't drop my prices too soon neither. And I can't thank you enough for that tip!"

D. Carter, NY
" sales sky rocketed!"

"Dominique has blown the door open to the mystic of how to do a Garage Sale. By applying just one of his principles my sales sky rocketed!"

J. Walker, MA
"This e-book lived up to all its claims"

"For a no nonsense approach with all the answers you'll ever need, this e-Book is a "best buy"! The e-book lived up to all its claims and pointed me in the right direction... it's great."

"Great job Dominique!"

S. Marshall, NJ

"I got your e-book off the internet and I have to say it helped us so much. We had an amazing garage sale. We advertised it as AMAZING GARAGE SALE and started it Saturday 8:30 to 2 pm. My daughter and my brother put signs all over the place. People started coming Saturday at 7:30 am and didn't stop till 3 pm. We made more in that garage sale then the total of all our previous garage sales put together. Your tips and tricks were so helpful and I am so glad I got your e-book. Thanks for publishing your information."

R. Busby, OH


Why work for nothing?

If you have ever had a garage sale, you know that it takes time and effort.

Do you really want to spend all your free time preparing and finally holding a garage sale only to end up with a lousy $50 or $100 dollars?

You may or may not ever have another garage sale. But if you have even a slight feeling that you might like to give it a good shot, see to it that you are armed with the right tools.

I will not say that your sales will double or triple like others say (how can they say that? They don't know you, they don't see how you manage your garage sale). What I do say is that your results can and will vary.

Let me say this: I lose orders to some of my competitors because I don't make outrageous claims. (In fact, I have a page of legal disclosures right here.) But I'm hoping you're savvy to understand that claims like those are totally bogus.

Having said that, what I'll do now is show you how the “Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale” e-book is going to help you sell YOUR stuff like crazy.

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In the “Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale” e-book, you will discover...

  • My tested, proven secret for getting traffic off the sidewalk and bring it to your tables. (Page 24)
  • How to get your items ready for the sale. (Page 9)
  • How to increase sales by raising your prices! (Page 14)
  • When to advertise! (Page 17)
  • Why you should tidy up your yard and/or garage. (Page 20)
  • What to do if things aren't selling. (Page 31)
  • Why you have to negotiate with hagglers. (Page 36)
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to try to sell things you can’t imagine anyone buying. (Page 38)
  • Why it’s better to keep "duplicate" items out of sight at your garage sale. (Page 15)
  • Why you mustn't sell everything at your garage sale! (Page 16)
  • Where to place your tables. (Page 24)
  • What to do with your dangerous and not so dangerous pets. (Page 30)
  • How to organize your garage sale set-up in such a way that male drivers slam on their brakes, park, and come see your items in a hurry (and bring their spouse at the same time!) (Page 23)
  • Learn how a gong or a bell could increase your profits (this won’t sound ridiculous when you read it!) (Page 26)
  • How giving something away for FREE increases sales at the same time. (Page 45)
  • The hidden secret that practically forces people to buy! (Page 44)
  • And much more...

About now you're expecting me to tell you I can show you how to make $2,000 in a day, or in 2 days or after just one garage sale -- whatever. Guess what? Not gonna happen. Not here.

I'm not going to hype you. I lay out my garage sale tips and tricks. But I don't know your market nor your products. So how could I with any integrity represent or even imply that I can show you how to sell $X dollars in a garage sale? You know and I know that that's totally bogus. Don't fall for the hype.

Here Are 4 Really Good Reasons To Take the “Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale” e-book for a Test Drive!

  1. ONE. You get my tested, proven secret for getting traffic off the sidewalk and bring it to your tables. (Page 24)
  2. TWO. You also get my incredible "it's so simple why I didn't think about that" hidden secret that practically forces people to buy. It's a shame I can't patent that! (Page 44)
  3. THREE. "Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale" is definitely NOT some flimsy little e-book that you're going to forget about overnight... This e-book contains 46 pages of "no fluff, no hype" tips, secrets, methods, systems and information -- so you won't waste even a minute of your precious time.
  4. FOUR. The "Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale" is backed by a 30 DAYS, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. So if, for some reason -- ANY REASON --, you find you're not entirely satisfied with your decision, it's easy to request a refund: you simply email me!

Who do you want to learn from?

Now in case you don't know me, my name is Dominique Peladeau and I've been selling online since 2003.

By the way, I don't hide behind a P.O. Box, a fake address nor an email address. I'm a real person. My office number is (514) 571-9747. During business hours (9 to 5 EST) that's answered by myself every day. I've had that same number for several years now. And it isn't going to change anytime soon. My true address is at the end of this letter.

I figure I have at least a $2,000 of my time in this e-book (I'm a fast writer). My price isn't dirt cheap, but it's extremely fair. It's $19.95. Just one or two extra sales at your garage sale and you pay for it.

If that isn't fair, I don't know what is.


Here's my You-Can't-Lose Money Back Guarantee!

OK. Pay attention to this part:

Get my "Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale" package. TRY IT OUT. Read it. Use it. Follow the steps and if you aren't thrilled with the results anytime within the first 30 days, I'm going to give you your money back.

All I ask is that you try out my simple, easy tips and tricks and give them a shot. Just give them a fair effort. If you aren't satisfied with your results, I don't want your money.

My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

"If you are not completely satisfied with this product, simply email me within 30 days of the purchase date and I will personally refund every penny of the purchase price!"


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I Must Be CRAZY to Offer This Guarantee!

I Guarantee The "Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale" package Will Help You With Your Garage Sale
-- Or Your Money Back!

The "Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale" package is backed by a 30 DAYS, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which means that you can get a full refund, in the unlikely event it does not work for you. No questions asked.


Dominique Peladeau
Dominique Peladeau
Publisher, Garage Sale - How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale
886 De L Epee
Outremont, Quebec
H2V 3V3


P.S. : Remember, you don’t want to waste time. This offer is limited and can change at any time. The only way I can guarantee you will get the price listed above is if you order now!

If you have any questions... just email me at


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